Infusive Asset Management Inc. Infusive Asset Management Inc.

What we expect of you

The desire to join a highly motivated, growing team and the drive to see how we transform our 30 year long investment strategy into a global business.

What you can expect from us

If you have been in the industry for a few years, this is an opportunity to work alongside veterans in the industry to enhance your current experience in financial services, operations and business infrastructure and the chance to further build your knowledge across products, fund structures and portfolio analytics. Helping manage Infusive’s Institutional quality infrastructure offers an exciting professional challenge for a young professional in operations with a drive for high quality execution.

If you’re new to the financial services industry, this is a great educational opportunity to learn about life in finance. Not only the chance to work alongside veterans in the industry to gain experience in asset and portfolio management, financial services, business infrastructure and capital markets but also the chance to gain an insight into one of the business departments: research and analysis of the Consumer AlphaTM Universe, implementation of the Consumer AlphaTM thesis, infrastructure, business operations and trade management and finally how an asset manager crafts the investor message, creates a distribution plan and respond to investors. We will be happy to coordinate with your School or University how an internship with us can qualify for educational credits.

The firm

Infusive is a research firm and asset manager focused on human behaviour founded and supported by Luca Padulli, PhD since 2014. For Luca, it was three decades of successful investing in the consumption space that led to the conception of Consumer AlphaTM and this has been further developed by Infusive. Infusive has offices in New York and London.

Internship Opportunities

Gain insight and knowledge about one or more of four departments at an asset manager investing in human joy